About Della On Facebook

From the author…

My almost daily postings about Della on Facebook began on my 50th birthday when my husband Steve surprised me with this tiny little seven-week-old yellow Lab, her neck adorned with a giant red bow. We had discussed getting a puppy four years after our beloved Lab Olive passed away, even drinking her last glass of Cabernet Sauvignon an hour before we put her down due to an age-related ailment. But then we had Mabel the mutt who was about to turn fifteen, too old to run around and play despite her good health; therefore, we decided to drop the idea of a puppy for the time being. We felt that Mabel deserved peace and quiet during the remaining part of her life.

But Steve changed his mind after his co-worker Nora announced a litter of Lab puppies at her farm in Gloucester, a seaside town in Southeastern Virginia. So he went out there and picked Della for her huge feet, remembering our deceased Olive's love for swimming. Four days later he presented Della to me at my birthday party and I was shell-shocked but thrilled with a new addition to our childless family. Mabel our other dog apparently had forgotten how to play due to her age and slept most of the time, steering clear of the puppy - until the last few months of her life.

Thus began Facebook postings on Della. The idea of this book "Della on Facebook" popped up three months later when I realized how much my friends love hearing Della's adventures according to their comments, many of which are humorous and creative. Some of these comments regale with my friends' own canine experiences; other comments offer great suggestions such as what to do when your dog eats a beer can. For this book I am selecting only some, not all of the comments, for each posting since many comments have similar sayings. You would not want to read 40 comments that say "Awww, cute" below one post. The selected comments have not been edited for this book because in my opinion they should be left as they are so the readers will get a true sense of Facebook. And to protect their privacy, I will not disclose my friends' names except for a few first names that deserve a reply or play a big role in Della's life. So this book has one full year of Facebook postings beginning on my birthday in 2011 and ending on my birthday in 2012.